Can not overwrite custom filter in Filter option in Process monitoring with Time Frame option


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


A Bug in custom filter option (Release Automation Executions) in AWI 12.3.3 and CDA 10.0.3 was reported:

While overwriting with save_as function in the filter in monitoring window, an error is thrown if the time frame option is added.

The same error occurs while deleting the filter, if it was created with time frame option. Despite the error message, AWI actually overwrites/deletes the existing filter.


Steps to reproduce 

  • create a filter in process monitoring and save it
  • a the filter criteria 'Time Frame' and configure it as you like
  • save the filter using the same name
    => error occurs
  • remove the 'Time Frame' filter criteria
  • save again using the same name
    => no error




The issue has been confirmed to be a bug and will be fixed with a future service pack for Release Manager.