After upgrading to GW 10 we get Hazelcast errors in the ssg log .
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After upgrading to GW 10 we get Hazelcast errors in the ssg log .


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CA API Gateway


This is reported on a standalone gateway (Virtual Appliance) running 10.0 CR2 with PlatformUpdate 2021-02-01.

We see this after an upgrade from 9.4 to 10.0.

Upgrade was done as parallel installation and services were moved one-by-one with GMU (cluster passphrase was unknown).

During migration the IP addresses of the new gateway were moved back to the IP addresses of the old gateway.

2021-03-01T06:41:52.213+0100 SEVERE  113 com.hazelcast.spi.impl.operationexecutor.impl.OperationExecutorImpl: []:8777 [gateway] [3.12.5] Failed to process: Packet{partitionId=-1, frameLength=456, conn=Connection[id=2, />/, qualifier=null, endpoint=[]:8777, alive=true, type=MEMBER], rawFlags=10001, isUrgent=true, packetType=OPERATION, typeSpecificFlags=[isResponse=false, isOpControl=false]} on: hz.gateway-hazelcast.priority-generic-operation.thread-0
com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.HazelcastSerializationException: Problem while reading DataSerializable, namespace: 0, ID: 0, class: 'com.hazelcast.cluster.impl.operations.JoinCheckOperation', exception: com.hazelcast.cluster.impl.operations.JoinCheckOperation


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


This error occurs when the gateway tries to join a hazelcast node running another version or another node tries to connect to this gateway node using another version of hazelcast.

Make sure the cluster info table in ssg database on the node with the ip adress mentioned  in the error does not have any rogue entries for gateway IP which is should not have.