CA XCOM binary file transfer to Windows is successful but 0 bytes are transmitted resulting in an empty file


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CA XCOM Data Transport CA XCOM Data Transport - Windows


CA XCOM is sending a binary file of 1600 Kb from AS400 to Windows.
The Windows xcom.log shows the transfer was successful ("XCOMN0011I Transfer ended") with the expected number of records but it shows "0 bytes" transmitted and the resulting file is also empty.


Release : 11.0
Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for AS/400 i5/OS, CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows


A binary file transfer was being executed with parameters LRECL=0 and TRUNCATE=YES.
Any such transfer to XCOM for Windows results in an empty file because that combination means XCOM will only write 0 bytes and truncate the rest.
Use TRUNCATE=NO for a binary transfer.

Additional Information

The XCOM for Windows documentation page for the TRUNCATE parameter has been updated for binary transfers:
CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows 11.6 Service Packs > Reference > List of Parameters > TRUNCATE