Clarity PPM: Links are not visible on the link tab for custom investments


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For Custom Investment Types, the Links in New UX is not visible when the access rights to custom investment are provided through OBS. 

The links are visible if the Global rights to view or edit the investment are granted. 


1. Navigate to Administration, Studio: Objects 
2. Create a new Custom Investment Extension Object - Bank 
3. Create a new OBS and check the box for the option "Used for Access Rights" 

    Include the Resource and the Bank objects in this OBS for rights use 
4. Create a new user ABC who has the above OBS level access rights to View and Edit the Bank Investment in the Modern UX 
5. Assign all the required rights to view and navigate in the Modern UX 
6. Log in as an admin, navigate to the 'Investments' Workspace, navigate to the 'Bank' object, and create a new investment - 'Mortgage' 
7. Go into the new 'Mortgage' investment, LINKS Module and create a few links 
8. Logout and login as user ABC and navigate to Bank Investment - Mortgage - Links module 


Expected Results: Since the user ABC has view and Edit access via OBS to the Investment object, the user should be able to view the links created in Step 6. 

Actual Results: The user can only view the Links Module, but not the links which were created under step 6. 

Workaround: None. 



DE58358 - fixed in 15.9.2