Per Period Metrics Slow Entering Data when using Group By


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Slow Performance Using Group by in Per Period Metrics updating values. This issue is especially noticed with larger projects. As the # of assignments, periods and per period metrics increase, more slowness is observed. 

When typing in data in Per Period Metrics fields, it can take a few seconds for the page to update after each data entry. There can be a refresh of the page (prior to clicking refresh) which can cause issues when typing in the next cell where those changes don’t get saved, or are only partially saved.


  1. Create a project with a 5 year duration
  2. Add about 120 team members
  3. Create at least one task and assign the 120 resources to the task
  4. Navigate to the Assignments tab of the project in the Modern UX
  5. Create a group by for “Resource”
  6. In View Options, set the following:
    • Per-Period Metrics: ETC
    • Periods: Months
    • Start Period: 2021-01
    • End Period: 2025-12
  7. Expand a resource to view the assignments beneath
  8. Type ETC values  (example: 20) for 2021-01
  9. Click Tab on the keyboard to go to the next ETC field for 2021-02 and Enter 20 ETCs  and click Tab

Expected Results: Data entered for each cell is saved

Actual Results: Sometimes, the data entered is not captured or only partially (IE only 2 of 20 ETCs is saved). This is because the page is refreshing after typing and moving to the next cell.


  • It may require repeating step 9 multiple times to see this issue
  • In some instances it may cause the data to get incorrectly added into the wrong cell (such as a totals cell which shouldn’t be allowed. When you hit refresh, the data will then correct)


Caused by DE60109


Release : 15.9.1


Databases: Oracle, Postgres, MS SQL Server


This issue is under review as DE60109

Workaround: Type slower and allow the page to fully refresh after each data cell entry