Unable to execute cspmclient64
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Unable to execute cspmclient64


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


A2A returning 408 error

[[email protected] bin]$ ./cspmclient64 alias
408 null null failed to setup header



Release : 4.3

Component : CA LDAP Server


The deployed script .cspmclientrc is not loading variables in current shell context. Client is using /bin/csh Shell

echo $CSPM_CLIENT_HOME showing empty

sourcing the . .cspmclientrc keeps showing variable empty


After created script to define cspm client home directory using csh shell command and used the command source to keep the script in context now the issue is resolved.

File test.sh created with:

setenv CSPM_CLIENT_HOME="/opt/cw/cloakware/cspm"

so since using csh sourced the file 

source test.sh

(was trying before sourcing with (dot) . test.sh but csh was not working in this way.that variable CSPM_CLIENT_HOME is existing in current shell and executing cspmclien64 with a2a alias is returning the expected result.