Question Mark on job in WCC Job Flow, mouse tooltips only seem to work for jobs inside a box in WCC
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Question Mark on job in WCC Job Flow, mouse tooltips only seem to work for jobs inside a box in WCC


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


Right mouse click on some jobs does not show the context menu that one normally sees on jobs.  The job icons also show up with a ?    (question mark)  



Release : 12.0



tooltips are not shown for  

- Cross Instance jobs 

- Jobs that are not known at a specific level of a box where we do not have details of the predecessors/successors for jobs inside the box 


This is expected behavior for specific scenarios.

When a job is loaded in the flow view we render the details of the job , i.e. its predecessors and successors. When loading a box job, we render the details of predecessors and successors but for jobs inside the box we load only it's first parent and no successor. We do not the load the job properties of it's predecessor (it is called as unknown job) , hence we don't show the tooltip or right click context menu for predecessor. If you want to have the context menu on this particular job you will have to open the job (which is inside box) directly in Quick View.
Those jobs also have an icon with a question mark for differentiation.

A simple example that they have indicated too: 
- box job named BOX  with a CHILDBOX job inside it. 
- Let BOXPRED be predecessor and BOXSUC be successor of BOX. 
- Let CHILDPRED and CHILDSUC be predecessor and successor of CHILDBOX respectively. 

When we load BOX in Quick View --> BOXPRED, BOXSUC jobs are known so context menu and tooltip are shown for these jobs. 
When we expand box, CHILDBOX is available , But it's predecessor (CHILDPRED) is an unknown job and it's successor(CHILDSUC) is not shown in the graph. 
Hence tooltip and context menu is not available for CHILDPRED. If you want to get the context menu on CHILDPRED, then you should open CHILDBOX in Quick View directly