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Data source status: "This registered connection no longer exists."


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Information Centric Analytics


When viewing a data source in the Information Centric Analytics (ICA) console under Admin > Integrations > Data Sources, the status displayed is:

This registered connection no longer exists.


The linked server for the data source in question has been removed in SQL. To determine which linked server is missing, run the following query (use the Server name from the Data Source list for the @Name variable):

DECLARE  @Name varchar(255)
SET   @Name=''

SELECT   LinkedServerName
FROM   LinkedServers
WHERE   LinkedServerName LIKE '%'[email protected]+'%'

Connect to SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). In SSMS, navigate to Databases > Server Objects > Linked Servers. The LinkedServerName value returned by the preceding query will be missing from this list.


Release : 6.5.x

Component : Integration Pack


Restore the missing SQL linked server by editing the integration's connection settings. Alternatively, you can manually create a linked server in SQL Server. To do this:

  1. Connect to the SQL Server via SSMS
  2. Navigate to Databases > Server Objects > Linked Servers
  3. Right-click the Linked Servers folder and select New Linked Server...
  4. For the Linked server: entry in the New Linked Server window, enter the LinkedServerName value returned by the query in the Cause section of this article. Provide all other values as required for the linked server in question. For guidance on this step, refer to the ICA Integration Guide.

Additional Information

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