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CA Deliver - High Checkpoint Usage


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Readily-accessible system logs only go back to August 24, 2020 and confirm that one of the Deliver checkpoint files was growing at a rate of 1% every 7 days ever since. 

Is something being created, then orphaned or abandoned in the file with regularity?

The message block below is from the product Health Checks registered with MVS that occurs every four minutes:

.ERR  INTERNAL 20237 1702411 *GSP1= HZSPROC  HZS0002E CHECK(CA_DLVR,[email protected]):     

.ERR  INTERNAL 20237 1702411 *GSP1= HZSPROC  RMOH003E CA Deliver checkpoint utilization is currently at 87%. 

.ERR  INTERNAL 20237 1702411 *GSP1= HZSPROC  The Deliver checkpoint data set is greater than or equal to 80% full.       

.ERR  INTERNAL 20237 1702411 *GSP1= HZSPROC  The checkpoint usage is high.         


Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


The client was provided, for testing purposes, the CVDEJCL(RMOGRW08) JCL, to run against their checkpoint file. 

RMOGRW08 runs the RMOGRW utility to produce a dataset containing all reports which have been queued, purged, and/or not produced. This dataset is then input to the  RMORAP Deactivation utility, which will remove these records from the checkpoint dataset.

A similar result can occur by setting RMOPARM DAYS=YYYYYYY, which will run the same process during the Deliver daily cycle. 

The client found that their checkpoint file contained less after running RMOGRW08, and when they implemented the daily cycle.