Java Transformers Migration questions
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Java Transformers Migration questions


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After reading the installation guide and release notes, there may be additional questions.




Release : 14.0

Component : CA-LPR




Q1 - I will need to add the Print Resource files (that are coded as DD's in V12) in the A2PD.d2eproj and A2PC.d2eproj files, correct? 

Should I be worried about my changes being overlaid by future maintenance to those members?

A1 - Yes, some maintenance may overlay the project files. It's a good practice to create a runtime /apps directory to contain the customized files.

We deliver a job in the CE0CJCL library to create the "working"  Java Transformers directories including the /apps directory: CE0CJCL(E0CMKDIR)


Q2 - I will need to add the 'X2YY=D2EVISIO' parm to all printer nodes that have 'TRANSFRM=', correct?

A2 - No. If you set DEFAULT=YES in the X2YYDEF statement the nodes that use the transformers only need the TRANSFRM keyword.



Q3 - This site has multiple JES2 MAS in one sysplex.  Currently, a CASPOOLx task is run for each JES MAS.  I will need to have each CASPOOLx task start an associated transformer task also. 

Each task has different print resource files coded in the CASPOOLx task.

If I use the same Transformer ZFS file for the sysplex, how will I have different print resources coded in the project members?

A3 - See answer 1). You should create runtime folders unique for each different system.


Q4 - Are there other migration issues that I need to address that are not transparent to the user? 

Maybe something in user or production JCL that I need to be aware of and that impacts the user?

A4 - The migration should be transparent to the users. It is strongly recommend that the section below of the documentation is read:

Migrating from afp transformers to java transformers

This section mentions 2 videos that have been created by the CA Spool development team regarding the Java Transformers.

Firstly this course "06SPO20010 – CA Spool™: Migrating from CA Spool AFP Transformers to Java Transformers 200" .

The second video is "06SPO20030 – CA Spool™: Java Transformers Installation 200" 


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