Modern UX - Picklist field does not get updated in Details flyout


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Steps to Reproduce:

1. Navigate to the Modern UX
2. Create a project
3. Create more than 10 Tasks in the Grid view
4. Create a new picklist (View Options -> Manage Picklists -> New Picklist)
5. Create more than 10 choices
6. Associate a different colour to each of those choices
7. Switch to the Board view
8. Click on View Options -> "Color By" = The picklist that was created in Step 4
9. Navigate back to the Grid view. Open the "Details" flyout. Make sure that the picklist created in Step 4 is part of the Details tab
10. Navigate from one Task to another with the Details flyout open

Actual Result: The new picklist field in the Details flyout does not update after navigating through a few tasks
Expected Result: The new picklist field gets updated continuously


This is a known issue in versions 15.8.0, 15.8.1 and 15.9.0


There has been a change in the colours used in Modern UX, for custom picklists, in version 15.9.1. The issue is not reproducible here.