Database utilities version details are missing from About Risk Fabric


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Information Centric Analytics


Clicking on the product version displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the ICA console brings up the About Risk Fabric window:

Under certain circumstances, however, only the database and application versions are displayed:


The version data presented in the ICA console is pulled from the Versions table in the ICA database, which is populated by the the TaskRunner executable installed with the Database Utilities. If the Database Utilities were not installed or TaskRunner did not run post-install, the Versions table in the RiskFabric database will be missing version information for the Database Utilities' executables.


Release : 6.5.x

Component : Database Utilities


To update the Versions table, first determine whether the Database Utilities were installed properly:

  1. If the Database Utilities are not installed, running the Database Utilities installer will run the TaskRunner executable to update the Versions table
  2. If the Database Utilities are installed, run the following command in PowerShell on the server on which they were installed to update the Versions table:
&'\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Database Utilities\TaskRunner\TaskRunner.exe' TaskRunner.Tasks.Custom.DBUtilitiesVersionUpdater $env:SystemDrive

*Modify the path and $env variable to match the location of the Database Utilities in your environment