Database Utilities missing after installation
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Database Utilities missing after installation


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Information Centric Analytics


The Database Utilities installer indicates installation was successful, but the database utilities are not found at the path specified. The verbose installation logs contain a reference to an invalid configuration prior to indicating installation success:

Installation Configuration --------------------------
3/2/2021 1:12:41 PM
Configuration is invalid

Success - Database Utilities
Installed successfully

Success - Database Utilities Validation
Successfully confirmed access to 'C:\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\'

Message - Database Utilities Validation
Checking existence of and access to 'C:\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\'.

Message - PortalSettings

IF EXISTS(SELECT Name FROM [dbo].[PortalSettings] Where Name = 'DatabaseUtilitiesFolderPath')
SELECT value from [dbo].[PortalSettings] WHERE Name = 'DatabaseUtilitiesFolderPath'
END - timeout 30


Release : 6.5.x

Component : Database Utilities


The Database Utilities installer performs pre-flight checks to verify the Information Centric Analytics (ICA) website, SQL Server service (sqlservr.exe), and the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) service (msmdsrv.exe) are running. If any of these are stopped or otherwise unreachable and you proceed with the installation, the installer will run and complete without installing the database utilities.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Confirm IIS is running and the RiskFabricAppPool is started.
  2. Confirm the SQL Server service for the instance hosting the RiskFabric database is started.
  3. Confirm the SQL Server Analysis Services service for the instance hosting the RiskFabric cube is started.
  4. Confirm firewall ports are configured to enable communication between the components of ICA per the Information Centric Analytics Administrator Guide, found here.

Additional Information

Information Centric Analytics Administrator Guide: Prerequisites and Privileges for Installing and Administering Symantec ICA: TCP Port Requirements for Symantec ICA