Migrate Clarity to a new server host for upgrade
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Migrate Clarity to a new server host for upgrade


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Looking to upgrade the existing Clarity PPM install running on one server to the most current Clarity version, running on the newest OS. 

The documentation appears to only address an upgrade of Clarity on the same host. Are there any issues with switching to a new host, with a new OS during the upgrade? 


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We recommend to migrate your files to the new server host prior to the upgrade. This is a common scenario and no issues are expected.

Here are the summary of steps you'd have to perform:

  1. Copy the Clarity file folder with services stopped
  2. Ensure Java and Tomcat are installed
  3. Ensure the environmental variables are configured with the correct paths
  4. Open the properties.xml in the $clarity/config folder and ensure you have the correct paths for installDir, tomcat and Java
  5. Ensure the ports in the properties.xml and the server hostnames are correct
  6. Restart services
  7. Ensure Clarity is available and runs well: Data Warehouse is accessible by running Load Data Warehouse job, and Jaspersoft is accessible by running a report
  8. Stop the services and initiate an upgrade