CA View - SARPAC REPORT Showing "NO USED GROUPS", but Tapes are not Getting Uncataloged


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Running a SARPAC REPORT job over the past  2 weeks shows a number of empty archive tapes, but they are not getting deleted/uncatalogued.

They have been in this status for 2-3 weeks, so they are past the 5 day default retention period.

They all have a remark of "No Used Groups".

Any idea why these tapes are not getting deleted?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The reports in question were originally written to tapes, that were created in STORGRP0, before their storage group changed. 

A few months later, while the reports still existed, there were changes made in the ERO table and SARINIT parameters, whereas future reports of the same name were placed on different tapes (for STORGRP1), however the earlier reports were still on the original STORGRP0 tapes.

A run of SARPAC REPORT, with "//SYSIN DD DUMMY", showed there to be "NO USED GROUPS" on the tapes, however the tapes still contained the reports now being assigned to STORGRP1. 

A run of SARPAC REPORT, with "//SYSIN" of TAPESEQ=nnnnn, showed there to be active reports. 

A run of SARPAC REPORT, with "//SYSIN" of STORGRP=STORG1, showed there to be active reports.

The resolution was for there to be a SARPAC run with TAPESEQ=nnnnn-nnnnn, which then moved the reports to new tapes, for STORGRP1, so that the tapes in question would be expired at the next View backup.