SDN_Switch and SDN_Router models do not suppor the USER_ attributes


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CA Spectrum


After VNA/Spectrum discovering devices, some of the models are discovering as SDN_Router or SDN_Switch.  These modeltypes do not support the USER_* attributes, such as USER_Asset.  We need these for data.


The USER_ attributes are derived from the AssetInformation_MF modeltype which is not associated to the SDN_Router or SDN_Switch modeltypes.


Release : 20.2.7

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


The SDN_Router and SDN_Switch do not support some of the standard modeltype attributes such as the USER_* attributes.  
The USER_ attributes are derived from the AssetInformation_MF modeltype.  You can associate that modeltype to the SDN_Switch and SDN_Router modeltypes using mte dbtool import:

  <new_base after_flag="1" base_mth="0x104a9" base_name="AssetInformation_MF " derived_mth="0x6730034" derived_name="SDN_SWITCH" reference_mth="0x104b8"/>
  <new_base after_flag="1" base_mth="0x104a9" base_name="AssetInformation_MF " derived_mth="0x6730026" derived_name="SDN_ROUTER" reference_mth="0x104b8"/>

Additional Information

This will be fixed in a future release of Spectrum.