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webservice logon case sensitive


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We are having an problem when try to login into Automic via webservice internal. In a previous version we could log in using a username in all lowercase. Now in version 12.3, it only accepts uppercase letters.

Is there any configuration to deactivate the case sensitivity?


Using 12.1.1 and the now deprecated Java UI, this single user for use with the web services was created. This exposed an unknown issue where the username could be created as all lowercase. Select statements against the database confirmed that this user existed only with lowercase letters. All other users created through the application interface were uppercase.

As the Java UI has been deprecated, this will no longer happen. All users are created as all uppercase letter usernames.



Release : 12.3

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The user setup in 12.1.1 was created via the old Java UI. This was the only user created this way, and it somehow allowed the user to be created with a username in all lowercase. Select statements from the DB validated this - this one user existed as lowercase.

This, unfortunately, resulted in unknowingly exploiting an unknown bug that allowed third-party applications to access the AE web services using this lowercase username. 

When 12.3.5 was installed, it was found that this user was no longer valid and the following error message was returned "Invalid Username : 'uc4web' . Allowed characters are '[email protected]#/-' Maximal allowed length is: 200

All external applications which call the web service must be modified/reconfigured to use the uppercase username. 

There is no workaround for this.