CA View - JOB Mode not Displaying All Jobs Archived
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CA View - JOB Mode not Displaying All Jobs Archived


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We upgraded CA View from 12.2 to 14.0 and now we are not seeing archived output in JOB mode that we are seeing under ALL or SARO modes.

It is not immediately obvious as to why these sysouts are not displayed.

What happened?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


When JOB mode was first introduced in View 12.2, with no SARINIT setting, it functioned as though having an automatic setting of JOBMODE=YES. 

Several clients noticed that, as JOB mode generates more index records, their View index filled up quickly, requiring more space to be added. 

As a result, there was a decision to issue a View 12.2 PTF (RO94022) whereas SARINIT JOBMODE could be given a setting of JOBMODE=NO, to turn off the index record generation. 

View 14.0 started off with a default setting of JOBMODE=NO. 

In View 14.0, to generate index records, there needs to be a setting of SARINIT JOBMODE=YES. 


In this case, what caused the skip in time of reports being listed in JOB mode, is that (for that time period) the client started running View 14.0 code, where no JOB mode records were created, and they then changed the SARINIT setting to JOBMODE=YES, and the records were then generated.