Database log file hard drive is filling due to long transactions when a large set of find and Reserve data is refreshed


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


No one can log in when this happens,  I have to open a Ticket with our internal support to get the log files taken care of and restart the TDM Portal.
Are there configuration options that would break these loads into smaller batch sizes so the log file isn't being chewed up?


Database transactions logs filling up the disk spaces and prevents proper application operations.


TDM Portal 4.9

Test Data Manager


The TDM application level has no control over what space is used in the Database log files.
Even if you split this up into multiple jobs this will not change the amount of space used in the database log files.
the files are not shrunk when a job is completed.
They are only shrunk after a backup and a purge which is done by the database team.

You will need to contact your DBA to handle this process so it does not impact your operations.

SQL Server Transaction Log Administration Best Practices (

A Transaction Log backup is required also to truncate the inactive part of the Transaction Log to release it and make it available for reuse.
If the SQL Server Transaction Log backup is not in your backup strategy and the daily Full backup is working fine with your database,
change the recovery model of that database to Simple and the SQL Transaction Log will be truncated automatically after each Checkpoint.