08-CA Violation For Top Secret MSCA Acid
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08-CA Violation For Top Secret MSCA Acid


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Top Secret


Why is the MSCA generating 08-CA errors?

03/07/21  05:01:44  ssss  msca   TSS       STC                 TSSAUTHZ                     *08*-CA       tttttttt
                                RESOURCE  TYPE & NAME :   CTL-OPTN  TSS ADDTO(acid)PSUS


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


With LOG(CMDA) or LOG(CMDS), the Top Secret commands are logged to the audit file (CMDA) or SMF file (CMDS). 

The 08-CA means insufficient authority or invalid TSS command function. The 'acid' in the TSS ADD(acid) PSUS was suspended for password violations on another system that CPF'd to 'ssss' and the acid didn’t exist on system ssss, so the PSUSPEND that was CPF’d to this system resulted in the 08-CA violation.

The violation reported is not a problem. If the suspension goes to another system where the acid doesn’t exist, the TSS ADDTO(acid) PSUS doesn’t do anything because the acid doesn’t exist.