Support for MVS SET TIMEZONE command
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Support for MVS SET TIMEZONE command


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JARS Resource Accounting


Historically when the twice yearly time change has occurred we have always IPLed the system to effect the time change.  Some years ago IBM introduced the SET TIMEZONE command and I was planning to employ this command this Sunday.  My question is, does CA-JARS support this process and are there any considerations regarding use of this command?  



Release : 12.7

Component : CA PMA CHARGEBACK; CA JARS Resource Accounting


The SET TIMEZONE command will have no effect on JARS at all.  The SMF data used as input to JARS accounting will have a 23 hour day this Sunday instead of 24, and this fall there will be a 25 hour-long day when the clocks go back.  But the data itself will be processed without difficulty.