When doing mysql queries to the reporting database we notice that some alarm id´s do not have event message.


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When doing mysql queries to the reporting database we have noticed that there are some alarmid´s that do not contain an orig_event_key / event message.

When I check the events on the ddmdb at the time that are missing the orig_event_key then I am not seeing any alarms created at this time.

Why are we seeing alarm ids in the reporting database when there were never any alarms in the ddmdb?


It is a known issue in 10.4.* versions that alarminfo table is not getting updated with the orig_event_key. 


Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum SRM Reporting


An XML change is all that is needed to resolve this problem.


1. Make a backup of the file landscape-beans.xml from $SPECROOT\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\WEB-INF\repmgr\config\container and search for "alarmHandler".

2. Move the below line from "InstantHistoricalEventHandlers" to up under "historicalEventHandlers"
<ref local="alarmHandler" />

3. Restart tomcat process


Moving the alarm handler from instant poller to historic will resolve this issue. 
It will only affect the alarms from now onwards. If we want to correct the old/historic alarms then we need to reinitialize reporting.

Additional Information

Modification would be part of 21.2.1 release which is slated for 1H CY 2021