ACF2 backup command failed with error message ACF8A903
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ACF2 backup command failed with error message ACF8A903


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From time to time, when other programs are accessing ACF2 back database, ACF2 back fails with ACF8A903 VSAM CLUSTER BACKUP FAILED.

As we cannot control when the program accesses the ACF2 database, we want to know if there is way in ACF2 to let it wait when the DB is busy and try again ( similar to batch jobs usually do).


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


When the 'F ACF2,BACKUP' command is issued, ACF2 will take the primary VSAM database and back it up to sequential files. If you have a GSO BACKUP record, there could be a string for 'S ACFBKUP'. That started procedure will then take the sequential files delete the prescribed ALT VSAM files, re-define them, and then REPRO the sequential files into the ALT VSAM files. These steps are handled with IDCAMS commands.

Currently, there are no options or parameters to delay the backup when the backup VSAMs are in use.