File Share protected files display no lock icon in local OneDrive folders and do not sync with OneDrive online


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As expected, if you copy or move a file from a folder protected by File Share Encryption to a local Microsoft OneDrive folder, the file remains encrypted by File Share Encryption. 

However, the lock icon does not appear and the file may not be synced with OneDrive online. For example, the source file appears with the lock icon in Windows File Explorer:

In the local OneDrive folder, it appears without the lock icon and may stay in a status of sync pending:


File Share Encryption does not support Microsoft OneDrive.


  • Symantec File Share Encryption 10.4.2 and above.
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Windows 10.


Combining File Share Encryption with OneDrive will lead to unpredictable results. Please avoid:

  1. Copying File Share encrypted files into a local Microsoft OneDrive folder.
  2. Syncing a File Share protected folder with OneDrive.

In order to establish whether a file in a OneDrive folder is protected with File Share Encryption, copy it to a folder that is not protected with File Share. The blue lock icon will appear:

As an additional check, right click on the file from Windows File Explorer. If the Symantec File Share tab is present, the file is protected by File Share Encryption:

If you try to view a file from a OneDrive folder online and the text "PGP NetShare" appears in the binary contents then the file is protected with File Share:

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