Publish Jaspersoft reports to Host File System
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Publish Jaspersoft reports to Host File System


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We need to publish the scheduled reports to a folder on the host. 

By default this option is disabled.

How can we enable it?

 screen-shot of the option:



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Reporting / Jaspersoft for CA Spectrum


Edit the file


Set the value of the enableSaveToHostFS variable from "false" (the default) to "true".

Save the file

Restart JasperSoft Tomcat Service

This should help you in saving the reports to Host File System.

Additional Information

Below is the link from Jasper Community

Enable Scheduled Reports to Save onto Host File System

Scheduler File System Output

Configuration File


Property to Update



Set the value from "false" (the default) to "true".

When true, the user interface for the scheduler displays active fields that allow the schedule creator to specify a folder in the server's file system. The scheduler will write files to this location every time it runs the schedule for this report.


This property also determines the scheduler's overall access to the file system. When true, any schedule configured with a file system folder will write to the file system.

When false, no scheduled reports will write output to the file system (FTP and email output are not affected).

However, any file system output specified in a schedule remains defined and will again trigger file system output when this property is true again.