Is CA gen 8.5 toolset compatible with CA gen 8.6 Encyclopedia for 8.5 Models?


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CA Gen - Workstation Toolset


May CA GEN 8.5 modules continue to be used with the CA GEN 8.5 Toolset on Windows  to check out/update/check in subset and then generate/install host (z/OS) code using CA GEN 8.6?   



CA Gen Host Encyclopedia, release 8.6 and CA GEN Toolset, release 8.5


CA GEN 8.5 and CA GEN 8.6 have the same schema '9.2.A6'.

Since the models are 8.5 modules, they can reside on the 8.6 Host Encyclopedia and for sure can be used on a 8.5 Toolset without an issue.

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