nginx fails to start following upgrade to ICDx 1.4.2


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When running the update from ICDx 1.4.x to 1.4.2 on RedHat Enterprise Linus (RH), the update completes but the nginx service fails to start:

INFO [2021-03-08 13:37:53] Starting nginx.service
ERROR[2021-03-08 13:37:53] Job for nginx.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status nginx.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

ERROR[2021-03-08 13:37:53] NGINX failed to start
ERROR[2021-03-08 13:37:53] exit status 1

Reviewing the journal or log files shows that nginx is attempting to load libraries not part of the ICDx nginx instance and exiting:

2021/03/08 14:01:10 [emerg] 4404#4404: module "/usr/lib64/nginx/modules/" version 1016001 instead of 1018000 in /usr/share/nginx/modules/mod-http-image-filter.conf:1


The Redhat distribution of nginx has been installed on the system and the ICDx nginx instance has found and is attempting to load libraries from the Redhat nginx packages which is then failing due to the version mismatch.


Release : 1.4

Component : nginx


To confirm that additional, non-ICDx, packages have been installed, please run `yum list | grep nginx`

$ yum list | grep nginx
nginx.x86_64                  1:1.18.0-1.el7.ngx @/nginx-1.18.0-1.el7.ngx.x86_64
nginx-all-modules.noarch      1:1.16.1-2.el7     @WM_EPEL_for_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_x86_64_7Server_x86_64
nginx-filesystem.noarch       1:1.16.1-2.el7     @WM_EPEL_for_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_x86_64_7Server_x86_64
nginx-mod-http-perl.x86_64    1:1.16.1-2.el7     @WM_EPEL_for_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_x86_64_7Server_x86_64
nginx-mod-mail.x86_64         1:1.16.1-2.el7     @WM_EPEL_for_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_x86_64_7Server_x86_64
nginx-mod-stream.x86_64       1:1.16.1-2.el7     @WM_EPEL_for_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_x86_64_7Server_x86_64

Note the installed Redhat nginx packages are a different version from the ICDx nginx package.


Remove the following Redhat nginx packages yia `yum remove` and restart nginx

$ sudo yum remove nginx-all-modules.noarch nginx-filesystem.noarch  nginx-mod-http-image-filter.x86_64 nginx-mod-http-perl.x86_64 nginx-mod-http-xslt-filter.x86_64 nginx-mod-mail.x86_64 nginx-mod-stream.x86_64
$ sudo systemctl restart nginx