Assistance configuring broker connection after database change


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We have three different brokers (dev, test, and prod). We changed the database passwords for dev and test, which caused the brokers to stop working as it would lock up the database user due to a bad password.

I went through hdbsetup on dev and test. For both of them, testing the connection showed success and encrypting the passwords showed success. I stopped and restarted the brokers for both test and dev. After the restart, test connected and worked fine, however dev is locking up the database user due to a bad login/password error.

I am not sure what else to check, but it seems like on the dev server, it is not picking up the new login/password that I used hdbsetup to update.


Release : 13.0

Component : BrightStor EB FOR Windows BACKUP SERVER ENGLISH


Ok, for each broker there’s an encrypted password file containing the userid and password for logging into your database. 

On Windows you’ll find this in the %CA_SCM_HOME% folder.  The name of the file is “hsvr.dfo” and it’s a hidden file so you need to enable Windows Explorer to make hidden files visible in order to see it.

On Linux/Unix you’ll find this in the $CA_SCM_HOME folder.  The name of the file is “.hsvr.dfo”.  On Linux and Unix the file ownership and permissions are important to be sure to check that the Linux/Unix userid that owns the SCM folder owns this file and that the read permissions have been enabled.

So first thing to do on the Dev server is to check the timestamp on this file to ensure it’s updated (and on Linux/Unix, ownership and permissions).  If the timestamp is not updated, you don’t have to go back through hdbsetup, just execute “svrenc -s”, provide the database login userid and password and it should update this file for you.

The next  thing to check when you restart your broker is to be sure all hservers have been shut down.  You can check this in Task Manager on Windows and with “ps –ef | grep hserver” on Linux/Unix.  If any orphan hservers are hanging around, this might be where the problem is coming from.

Before restarting your broker, check with your DBA to be sure the account is not locked, then start it up and check your hserver logs to see if there is still a problem.  I think if you add “-logging=5” to your HServer.arg file you might get more detailed startup information and any error messages about not being able to login to the database will show up there.