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OPS/MVS - SSM status goes to FAILED when multiple jobs and task use the same name of HVTPROC from Virtual Tape System


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We have a started task called HVTPROC that we defined to OPS/MVS and started on IPL but HVTPROC some times will start another started task with the same name to perform utilities and some times the HVTPROC utility ends with a return code 8. How can we prevent OPS/MVS on flagging the started task as FAILED? The HVTPROC that was started during IPL is what we are more concerned about going down.



Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


1) Disable the SSM.EOM rule

2) Disable the SSM.SSMHASP3 rule. This rule should be disable of all tasks if SSMV3 is in use. 

3) Create the following EOS rule: 

if EOS.STEPNAME <> 'HVTPROC' then return
if EOS.PROCSTEP <> 'HVTPROC' then return
address SQL "Update STCTBL set current_state='DOWN'",
    "where name='"JOB"'"
return 0
Enable this rule, update the "Inactivation Completion Rule" to inform the name of this rule and load the HVTPROC resource from SSM Policy Manger