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Filter fields expanding across the page in the Classic UI


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Clarity PPM On Premise


I have a filter on an object listing where when you first get into the listing they are of normal width. 

After I hit the FILTER button on the screen, they expand all the way across the html page. 

There are quite a few column on the listing, and it appears that the filter section expands the entire length, setting each column to 50% of the page width.  Is there any way to prevent this?  Makes using the filter hard to deal with.



1. Login to the classic UI
2. Bring up a List View such as Project List
3. Configure gear > add more columns to the List View (about 10 columns)
4. Save and Return
5. The filter fields on the right will be pushes all the way over to the right side. 


Expected Results: After adding columns to a List View, the Filter Fields remain where they are on the list form.

Actual Results: After adding columns to a List View, the Filter Fields do not remain where they are on the list form, and get pushed all the way to the right so they are no longer easily visible

Workaround: Limit the number of columns added to a List View or configure the filter fields in the first column only. 


Release : 15.8.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


DE58306 - will be fixed in a patch after 15.9.2