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WCC Login Audit


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CA Workload Automation AE


Where can I see WCC login audit logs?


Release : 11.4

Component : CA Workload Control Center


There are two logs that contain that info for WCC.

In <WCC_HOME>/log/audit/audit.log, you will see a line like this for each successful login to WCC...

2021-01-14 18:13:28,975 audit      ejmcommander - login successful [audit id: DB6BC5B]

For more details about the session, including the IP where the login originated, you can see that in <WCC_HOME>/log/application/rest/rest.log. The line looks like this for each login...

2021-03-02 16:17:50,262 @rest < ejmcommander ~5BC> []  INFO #AuthenticationResource             # challengeInfo() returns ChallengeInfoResponse [useSecurePassword=true, modulus=8cdb8df5c56b061bdff139b790dc3e4ba0c92a9ff427d6941950f79a3d63d43b807d0941068fa7c8969e5db0fd5229a43bbfb21a17ff826ff4d7c081f588f6960384afe2902c54006fc892c9b9a871f106af1abc85e4b5a56756e351ab6967144f3848001f79f3f5f6808c9daf14cd88b24746819d00551ed464f53c688b383d, pubExponent=10001, timeMillis=1614719870262]

Right after @rest, you can see the IP address and user name.