Errors pushing updated UPE policy to WSS


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Web Security Service - WSS


WSS managed with UPE/Management Center

Push an updated WSS policy fails with errors reported below.

"Failed to install policy "Policy_Name" version "Policy_Version" to device "Device_Name:

The device returned the following message:

0 warnings and 20 errors

Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2594: U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2603: U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2609: U U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2610: U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2615: U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2616: U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2660: U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2665: U U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2681: U U U U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2693: U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2715: U
Unknown tag: 'U' tenant:2776: U U U U"


Corrupted policy.


Management Center used to administer WSS

Happens Independently of WSS Access Methods


Removed the characters following the IP addresses above from the WSS policy and re-applied.

Not sure how characters added originally.