What are the domain added by default on the WSS bypass list?


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Web Security Service - WSS


WSS product management maintains a small set of URLs that are put on the default bypass list i.e. that are present after any new tenant is created.

When new domains are added to the default bypass list they are not added to existing tenants, as the customers have taken responsibility for the bypass list once they have setup the tenant and WSS cannot make the modification.

It may be interesting for existing customers to be aware of the default bypass list as they can then decide whether they should keep their list in-synch with WSS default list or not.


Applied to all WSS access methods


The default bypass list currently contains the following domain names:

  • "windowsupdate.com"
  • "nflxso.net"
  • "wbx2.com"
  • "googlevideo.com"
  • "nflxext.com"
  • "nflxvideo.net"
  • "webex.com"
  • "zoom.us"