SCRT reporting lists VIEW/DELIVER products we do not install and are not licensed for
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SCRT reporting lists VIEW/DELIVER products we do not install and are not licensed for


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Upon reviewing the SCRT report we identified products listed which are not installed nor are we licensed for.

Example: for CA Deliver and CA View,  both indicate ROSCOE and IMS are components/options we do not have.

CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER HV 385
CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER H2 385
CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER-CICS HW 385
CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER-IMS HX 385
CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER-NATIVE HZ 385
CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER-ROSCOE IF 385
CA Deliver 12.02.00 - DELIVER-VTAM IJ 385
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-CICS VB 231
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW VA 385
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-ERO VC 354
CA View 14.00.00 - VIEW VA 4
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-BASE VN 231
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-IMS VD 231
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-ROSCOE-Inte VK 231
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-TSO-Interfa VG 231
CA View 12.02.00 - VIEW-VTAM VQ 231

Will reporting on these products be an issue if we do not have them nor are entitled to them?



Release : 15.0


In general terms, the reason why CA products show in the ISV SCRT report is because a license check was made.

With CA View/Deliver r12.2 a license check is made for ALL options regardless of what is actually being used.

Since all options (including IMS and Roscoe) are rolled up into the base SKU, you are licensed for each and keys are therefore provided.

It is important to know that r12.2 is no longer supported. This release went EOS back in October 2020.

The currently supported release 14.0 changes things a bit. With release 14.0 license checks are no longer issued for all options by default.

While the licensing/entitlement aspect has not changed, an LMP check for specific options will only be made when that specific option is actually used.

Therefore, once you migrate to r14.0 you should no longer see options that are not used (eg. IMS and ROSCOE) as entries in the report...unless of course they are actually used.

Finally, providing reports with these entries will not be an issue when they are interpreted by CA/Broadcom.