CA View - SARUPD Causing Contention
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CA View - SARUPD Causing Contention


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We are experiencing some contentions on the system. 

A dump was sent to IBM, and their conclusion was that the module SARUPD is causing the contention.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


To relieve the processing bottleneck of having the View backup run during the prime production window, it was suggested that the client move the time of the running of their View backup, by changing SARINIT TIME=hhmm, to another time. 

The client performed subsequent testing, with the View backup running at a time other than the peak report production time, and it was found that the functions that were causing the greatest contention were still causing the most contention. 

As a result, the conclusion was that the View backup, and SARUPD, had no involvement with the contention.