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How to scan member to find a string from Panvalet panel in foreground


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What are the solution to perform a string search in Panvalet member? 


Release : 14.6

Component : CA Panvalet


Panvalet includes tools allowing to perform a string search, in instance;

To perform SCAN online,
use Panvalet ISPF option P.3.8                       
set PSPIPOPT panel option $SF054=Y

To perform SCAN in batch use PAN#8 ++SCAN          

Additional Information

For further information, please see linked article and doc;

Article ID: 24146 - How do I set up the Panvalet ISPF SCAN utility?

Article ID: 107440 - About new PSPIPOPT parameter for CA Panvalet R14.6                                          

PSPIPOPT Installation Options