How to export/checkout all repositories and files including all version data.
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How to export/checkout all repositories and files including all version data.


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Developers are requesting to migrate from Harvest to GITHUB.


Release : 14.0



For porting your data to GIT, Harvest doesn’t have a utility that does it.  The easiest will be to checkout the latest versions of all the files in a project and start a new GIT repository from those, but you will lose all your version history and other artifacts associated with your project such as any data entered on forms.  However, the newest version of Harvest has a new feature that allows developers to use GIT as a "front-end" to Harvest instead of Workbench, therefore providing the best of both worlds.  From the Release Notes:

 GIT Front-End for Harvest SCM

Git and Harvest can now be used simultaneously within a software development life cycle:

  • Git is a version control application that keeps track of changes in a project.
  • Harvest is a life-cycle management tool that includes process driven capabilities for managing development teams. It enforces IT governance policies and corporate compliance initiatives, streamlined workflow, audit, and standardized process management.

GIT Front-End for Harvest enables developers to focus mainly on their primary role, that is,‘development’. It decouples the life cycle management and work flow from your development activities. Developers may want to use GIT in their development activity. At times, an organization may mandate the choice of source control tool for compliance requirements, say for example: Harvest. To bridge this need, Harvest provides the Front-End with GIT interface. This unique combination (Harvest along with GIT) enables development activities and project life-cycle management capabilities, deployment, code reviews, etc. by all stake holders in a project.

For more information, see GIT Front-End for CA Harvest SCM and Using GIT Front-End for CA Harvest SCM.