Annotations added by SMG to RTF formatted are not displayed in the mail client


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Messaging Gateway


Some messages with a winmail.dat attachment do not display the SMG email annotation when viewed in the mail client even though the Message Audit Logs (MAL) indicate that the annotation action has been taken.


While Messaging Gateway (SMG) is taking the "annotation" action and merging the email annotation text with the email message text, the RTF formatted message data cannot be modified by SMG and the mail client is displaying the RTF message content rather than the annotated text content.


This issue will be addressed with the next product release (10.7.5). A configuration option will be added to SMG to allow RTF / winmail.dat messages to be encapsulated in a new email message displaying the annotation with the original message included as an attachment. This will ensure that the annotation text is visible in the end user mail client.