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CA Support Automation Analyst Does Not Work with Java JRE 1.7


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Support Automation (SA) is designed for and operates on a Java 1.6 platform. As a result, it is required that SA Analysts must have a Java 1.6 client installed on their workstation. Due to other applications that the SA analyst may use on their workstation that requires Java, it may be required that the SA analyst also have a newer version of Java installed on the same workstation. This document explains how to force Support Automation to use the 1.6 Java client while avoiding any other Java version that may be installed on the workstation.


In order to force Support Automation to launch a Java 1.6 client you will need to go to the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) install location on the SDM server:


Edit the file 'jnlp_template.xml' with a text editor.

Within this file is a line:

 	<j2se version="1.6+" href="" /> 

This line will attempt to launch the latest version of the Java JRE that is installed on the SA Analyst workstation that is above version 1.6.

This does not take into account the "default" Java JRE installed on the analyst's computer as it will always use the newest Java version. A problem will arise if an analyst has Java JRE 1.7 installed, as it is viewed as a newer version than any 1.6 Java release.

To force Support Automation to use Java JRE 1.6 you will first need to make sure that ALL analysts in the environment have the same version of the Java JRE installed on their workstations (the latest release of the Java JRE 1.6 client is 1.6 version 38 - we will use this version in our example).

Within the 'jnlp_template.xml' file, you will alter the line to be:

 	<j2se version="1.6.0_38" href="" /> 

With this change, Support Automation will attempt to launch with this exact version (1.6.0_38) of the Java client.

After making the change go, navigate to the Support Automation Tomcat cache directory:


Delete the "Catalina" directory. After deleting the directory, recycle the CA SDM service to assure that Tomcat has been fully restarted. A new directory will be created in the "work" folder with the new Tomcat cache. Now SA analysts can login and launch Support Automation using the correct Java client.

FYI - Please be aware, if a SA analyst does not have the specific version of Java installed indicated, (Java JRE 1.6 release 38 in the above example), they will receive errors and Support Automation will either not launch or will try to launch with a Java 1.7 client, which will also fail. Before making the change outlined above, it is absolutely important that all SA analysts have the same Java JRE 1.6 client on their workstations .


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