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Enabling TLS 1.3 after 10.0 CR3 upgrade


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CA API Gateway


TLS v1.3 is not visible in the Listen Ports and Route via assertion after applying 10.0 cr03 patch on Layer 7 API 10.0 Gateway.

Is there some kind of activation needed for this version of TLS protocol?

[[email protected] logs]# cat patches.log
2021-03-08T20:24:33.928-0500 INFO    65358 patch.record.logger: 1615253073928:Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2021-02-25:UPLOAD::
2021-03-08T20:24:46.222-0500 INFO    65358 patch.record.logger: 1615253086222::LIST::
2021-03-08T20:25:57.350-0500 INFO    65358 patch.record.logger: 1615253157350:Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2021-02-25:INSTALL::
2021-03-08T20:25:57.352-0500 INFO    65358 patch.record.logger: 1615253157352:Layer7_API_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v10.X-CentOS-2021-02-25:PACKAGE_DELETE::
2021-03-08T20:26:17.710-0500 INFO    65358 patch.record.logger: 1615253177710::LIST::
2021-03-08T20:34:04.663-0500 INFO    74 patch.record.logger: 1615253644663:Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.0.00.11263-CR03:UPLOAD::
2021-03-08T20:34:12.276-0500 INFO    74 patch.record.logger: 1615253652276::LIST::
2021-03-08T20:35:33.559-0500 INFO    74 patch.record.logger: 1615253733559:Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.0.00.11263-CR03:INSTALL::
2021-03-08T20:35:33.561-0500 INFO    74 patch.record.logger: 1615253733561:Layer7_API_Gateway_v10.0.00.11263-CR03:PACKAGE_DELETE::
2021-03-08T20:37:24.189-0500 INFO    125 patch.record.logger: 1615253844189::LIST::


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


You need to install both Gateway v10 CR03 on Server and Policy Manager v10 CR03 to have TLS 1.3 available and visible from the Policy Manager Listen Ports section.