Sync failure between DX Netops Performance Management and CA Business Intelligence (CABI)


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


After deleting a user from the DX Netops Portal which does not have CA Business Intelligence (CABI) access, we see sync errors with the CABI data source.

These can be resolved temporarily with a full sync of the CABI data source but will happen again if a similar user is deleted.


Defect: DE487569


Release : 20.2

Component : CABI JasperReports Server for CA Performance Management


This issue has been resolved in DX Netops 20.2.8 Performance Management and later:

Symptom: NetOps Portal syncs all users. It doesn't determine if the user has CA Business Intelligence (CABI) access or not and only syncs those. The ResourceNotFoundException: Not Found exception seems to indicate it's trying to delete a user via jaspersoft rest pages and throwing a Not Found error. This issue arrives when deleting a user using NetOps Portal when the user has no Product Privileges for CABI.
Resolution: With this fix, CABI ignores this exception and just logs it.
(20.2.8, DE487569)

Note that you MUST update the CABI report content after upgrading to DX Netops 20.2.8 Performance Management for the fix.