Default SAP Manager configuration to prevent from connection errors.
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Default SAP Manager configuration to prevent from connection errors.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


During the configuring of a SAP_XBP2 Uproc, a user can encounter the following of error popups when he wants to define the SAP Manager and the SAP system on which in intends to submit his job.

This message indicates a SAP connection issue. The same kind of messages box can be encountered in the section Monitoring ==> SAP Manager when trying to specify the SAP system to query.



Release : 6.10



This is due to a configuration mismatch between the definition of the key in the file uxjcs.ini and the SAP Manager mapping rule in the Node Settings > Technical Settings > Mapping to Manager for SAP Solution Nodes.

For instance, if you have the following valid keys in uxjcs.ini. These entries are valid if they point to an existing and working SAP System.






To be able to access all defined SAP Manager Connection and be able no longer to need a generic Key TRNG64/X/* in the uxjcs.ini file the technical Mapping must be adjusted as follows.

The first reference must point to the key that is presently defined in the uxjcs.ini file. MU and Aera must match. The second key can be left as defautl (never leave it the firs position!)

Additional Information

Following this rule the generic key here as an example TRNG64/X/* has no longer to be present in the key definition list. This prevents from a security problem where SAP Jobs could be submitted on a not desired SAP system in case the Job does not match with any static definition.

This security system can be also enhanced by forcing the default MU in the User Settings in Administration ==> User Preferences ==> Dollar Universe Default Settings ==> SAP Manager ==> Default MU for SAP Manager.