COMMON SERVICES: PTF SO15859 not downloaded with CAR2012
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COMMON SERVICES: PTF SO15859 not downloaded with CAR2012


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Attempting to APPLY-CHECK COMMON SERVICES 15.0 CARS2102, receiving the message:

"Maintenance package containing prerequisite fix SO15859  is marked as not installable. If this package has been  added manually please make sure that it has been inserted into the Software Catalog without any warnings."

Looking at SO15572 (SOURCE-ID 2102), SO15859 is listed as a prerequisite. 

Pulling SO15859 from the support site, there is the MCS statement  "++ASSIGN SOURCEID(CAP2012) and getting the impression that the PTF would subsequently be assigned a second SOURCEID of "CAR2101" but seeing no evidence of PTF SO15859 being included in CAP2011, CAP2012, CAP2101, CAP2102 or CAR2011, CAR2012, CAR2101, CAR2102.


COMMON SERVICES 15.0 - z/OS supported releases -


Here are more information about PTF SO15859 and CARS: 

The fix in question, SO15859 is in CA RS 2101 because it was published in December of 2020 (CAP2012). 

The CA RS Sourceid is not assigned to the PTF when it is published, it's just like an IBM RSU, the ++ASSIGNs must be run for each CA RS Level to add the CA RS Sourceid. 

After a CA RS release is published, there is a job executed to add the CA RS Sourceid to the relevant PTFs. However, if one of these PTFs is downloaded prior to the running of that job, then that PTF will not have the sourceid. Therefore, that PTF must be received into the CSI and a receive of the CA RS ++ASSIGN Files must be done, so that the PTF will get the correct sourceid.

Chorus Software Manager does this automatically, but if not using Chorus Software Manager, it is a manual effort.  

SO15572 is in CA RS 2102 and has a CAP2101 which is also correct.  The CA RS Level such as 2101 is all PTF’s that were published in December 2020 (CAP2012) tested in the month of January (CAR2101) and published the 3rd working day of February (February 3rd in this case).

SO15572 has a prereq of SO15859, but both are in the correct CA RS Levels.  
So to summarize: 
SO15572 was published in January of 2021 and is in CA RS 2102 and has a prereq of SO15859.
SO15859 was published in December of 2020 and is in CA RS 2101

PTF SO15859 was published in Dec 2020, thus was assigned CAP2012. This PTF was included with CARS2101 which was made public in Feb 2021.