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Generate EML file using Gmail for Network Monitor Drop test.


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Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


EML files are often required to perform drop test on DLP network Monitor, methods used previously to generate such files are complicated because the compatible applications (like Windows Live email  & Outlook Express) are not available anymore on windows 10.

The EML files can also be generated using GMAIL using steps below. 


Release : DLP 15.x

Component : DLP Network Monitor


In Gmail create the test email with desired content in the body or in the attachment, save this email in your Inbox/sent items or in Drafts. 

  1. Open the email message you would like to export.

  2. From the message menu Click on Show Original Message, see (Fig. 1.)

    Fig. 1. Locating the Show original option in Gmail.

  3. This will open the full message as a text document in a separate window. see Fig. 2

    Fig. 2
    . Downloading an email from Gmail to a local drive.

  4. In the Save as window, select a download location. From the save option, select All Files instead of Text Documents and add .eml to the end of the file name see (Fig. 3.).

  5. Your email is now exported to the EML format.

Fig. 3. Choosing a file format for an email exported from Gmail.