Slice data not available in Modern UX after upgrade to 15.9.1 (DE60039)


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Clarity PPM SaaS


After upgrade to 15.9.1  the planned and budgeted amounts are not showing in the financial module in Modern UX. The numbers may also not be showing on Assignments, Staff etc.

DE60039 OOTB Time Slicing Group By Scheduled Job Not Working


There is a new job called Time Slicing Group By which is scheduled to run every 5 minutes and does appear to be running.  However the values have not updated.


Release : 15.9.1



We have identified a GCP Clarity SaaS performance issue related to upgrading the new "Aggregate per-period metrics (TSVs) across Project, Idea and Custom Investments Staff, Assignments and Financials modules" feature introduced in 15.9.1. 


As a result, this feature has been disabled and the job removed from the jobs list for GCP Clarity SaaS customers and is planned for re-introduction in an upcoming release. On Premise Clarity customers & AWS Clarity SaaS customers (managed by Rego and/or itdesign) are unaffected by this issue and can continue to use these features.


Group by aggregation specifically for per-period metrics (TSVs) will not appear on any grid. The new fields introduced on the STAFF Module in Clarity 15.9.1 (Actuals, ETC,  Remaining Allocation, Remaining Availability, and Total Usage) will still be available for selection, but no computed data will appear in the cells for these new fields.


There is no impact to the Allocation and Hard Allocation fields that were already available prior to the 15.9.1 release. Data in these fields will still appear as expected with this feature enabled or disabled.

The fix is in release 15.9.2, once your system is upgraded and the jobs run you will be able to see data in Modern UX TSV again.