Connections not discovered between two models in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


We have two devices that are connected in the network. A switch and a Linux workstation. Spectrum is not able to create the connection between these two devices.

After enabling the Spectrum AutoDiscovery debug, we see the following in the AutoDiscovery debug file.


- The Linux workstation (Linux_WS) has two MAC addresses:

Device Linux_WS/0x1000277 (Host_Device) has 2 MAC addresses:
1:  a4:bf:1:57:4c:34 --> Port Linux_WS_eno1(ifType=6) ,
2:  a4:bf:1:57:4c:35 --> Port Linux_WS_eno2(ifType=6) ,


- The switch (Switch) hears the a4:bf:1:57:4c:34 MAC address of the Linux_WS in the switches LLDP table:

Mar 05 08:07:18   LLDP 1: Port Switch_xe-0/0/14(ifType=6)  has neighbor A4.BF.1.57.4C.34 (type=4) port A4.BF.1.57.4C.34 (type=3 with desc )
Port Switch_xe-0/0/14(ifType=6) heard Device Linux_WS/0x1000277 (Host_Device)  ( LLDP ):


- However, Spectrum is unable to create the connection between the Switch and Linux_WS models:

Mar 05 08:07:19   Port Switch_xe-0/0/14(ifType=6) : Unable to find remote port on device Linux_WS/0x1000277.  Discovery Protocol = 400000
Mar 05 08:07:19   Switch_xe-0/0/14(ifType=6) heard 1 ports on remote PDP device Linux_WS/0x1000277.  But no PC resolved.


When using the LLDP table to create a connection between two models in Spectrum:

1 - Both models MUST support the LLDP mib

2. Both models MUST "hear" each other in their respective LLDP tables


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Discovery


Since only the Switch supports the LLDP table, Spectrum does not make the connection between the Switch and Linux_WS models.

This is functioning as designed.