OPS/MVS - Need to track what is deleting a global variable that begins with GLOBAL5 Or end in any numeric


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We have a production application that uses GLOBAL5.xxxx.xxxx variables.  some are getting deleted and we need to find out what is doing this.  turning browseglv does not seem to track. Making this a P2 because it is affecting production.  What is the best way to find who is deleting some of these variables. 

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Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


Global variables ending in a numeric, such as GLOBAL5, do not create GLV events that can be captured.   The only way to track these is to search existing rules and REXX datasets for use of the variable, in this instance GLOBAL5. 

Global variables can trigger global events if their values change. Changing the value of a global variable triggers a global variable event unless that variable has a stem of GLOBALx. or GLVTEMPx. (where x is a number from 0 to 9).


Setting GLVDELETERULES to YES will also cause the deletion of the above global names to create GLV events,

BROWSEGLV should be set to YES to see the events in the OPSLOG.  GLV rules can be created to also respond to these GLV events.  


Additional Information


This was done intentionally to provide a choice of what global variables to use in relation to creating the subsequent global variable events.  There is overhead in creating the GLV events as additional automation can be fired in the same asid/process block.  So anytime that it may be necessary to track a global with GLV events, a global variable 1st node name that ends in a non-numeric character should be used.  On the other hand, if there is a need for higher performance, and no global variable tracking, then choose a global variable 1st node name that ends in a numeric.