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How to receive and apply CA InterTest for CICS r 8.5 Aggregate Maintenance pax.Z files.


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This document describes how you can download, unpax and SMP/E RECEIVE and APPLY CA InterTest for CICS r 8.5 Aggregate Maintenance.


This document describes how you can download, unpax and SMP/E RECEIVE and APPLY the CA InterTest for CICS r 8.5 Aggregate Maintenance.

CA InterTest for CICS aggregate fixes are created every three months. Aggregate fixes are not CUMULATIVE. The aggregate maintenance contains fixes that were published GA within a three month period for every CA InterTest for CICS FMID - CICS level supported by CA InterTest for CICS.

First some common notes.

If you search for a published solution via CA Support Online Download Center, i.e. for RO53868, you will get a link to a text file:
"Aggregate Maintenance from 01OCT2012 to 31DEC2012". When you click on this link you will find this information:

PATH: CAproducts/testing/Aggregate_Maintenance/INTERT
FILE: RO53868.pax.Z

Below outlines four steps on how to process the aggregate maintenance file..

The following sample JCL rests upon the information above and processes multiple aggregate fixes at the same time.
The following process requires access from your z/OS system to the CA ftp server.
Of course you can remove PTFs or add further/other PTFs to this sample JCL.
Please check all statements, especially the PTF numbers, the path and data set names.
The USS path (/a/yourUSS/temp/ in the sample) must already exist.

Please review all the ++HOLD instructions before running the SMP/E APPLY step.

  1. Get pax.Z files from the CA FTP Server
    (note: here you should to use the same email address like for your CA Support Online account)
    //jobcard...                                       //GETPAX   EXEC PGM=FTP,PARM='(EXIT TIMEOUT 720'         //SYSTCPD  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=VTAM.TCPIP.TCPIP.DATA        //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                            //OUTPUT   DD SYSOUT=*                             //INPUT    DD *                                                           anonymous                              [email protected]                   binary                                   cwd CAproducts/testing/Aggregate_Maintenance/INTERT GET RO24843.pax.Z /a/yourUSS/temp/RO24843.pax.Z (REP GET RO26800.pax.Z /a/yourUSS/temp/RO26800.pax.Z (REPGET RO28867.pax.Z /a/yourUSS/temp/RO28867.pax.Z (REP GET RO32498.pax.Z /a/yourUSS/temp/RO32498.pax.Z (REPquit                    /*
  2. Unpax process
    //jobcard...                             //UNPAXDIR  EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH            //STDOUT    DD   DDNAME=STDERR           //STDERR    DD   SYSOUT=*                   //STDPARM   DD   *                             sh cd /a/yourUSS/temp ;                        pax -rvf RO24843.pax.Z -s,SMPPTFIN,RO24843, ;  pax -rvf RO26800.pax.Z -s,SMPPTFIN,RO26800, ;   pax -rvf RO28867.pax.Z -s,SMPPTFIN,RO28867, ;    pax -rvf RO32498.pax.Z -s,SMPPTFIN,RO32498, ;
  3. SMP/E Receive
    //jobcard...                       //REC#ALL   PROC PATHVAR=DUMMY                            //REC       EXEC PGM=GIMSMP,PARM='CSI=your.INTERT85.CSI'  //SMPPTFIN  DD   PATHDISP=KEEP,PATH='&PATHVAR'            //SMPCNTL   DD   *                                         SET BDY(GLOBAL).                                         RECEIVE SYSMODS.                                        //          PEND                                                      //*------------------------------------------------------------------*//REC#01 EXEC REC#ALL,PATHVAR='/a/yourUSS/temp/RO24843'               //REC#02 EXEC REC#ALL,PATHVAR='/a/yourUSS/temp/RO26800'               //REC#03 EXEC REC#ALL,PATHVAR='/a/yourUSS/temp/RO28867'               //REC#04 EXEC REC#ALL,PATHVAR='/a/yourUSS/temp/RO32498'
  4. SMP/E Apply - it will apply all the PTFs received in step 3.
    //jobcard...                           //APP       EXEC PGM=GIMSMP,REGION=0M,      //          PARM='CSI=your.INTERT85.CSI'    //SMPCNTL   DD   *                          |   SET BOUNDARY(CAIT1).                         APPLY PTFS                                        BYPASS(HOLDSYSTEM).               /*

It is strongly recommended that you also apply the Aggregate Maintenance for FMID CVH85nn as well - the Testing and Fault Management Symbolic guide Component (TFMSYM).

The download path for the TFMSYM maintenance (FMID CVH8500 and CVH8501) is:

(see CWD command to change the directory in step 1).

FMID CVH8500 is for the Symbolic PROTSYM file.
FMID CVH8501 is for the Graphical user interface feature which is optional and may bot be installed.


Release: OSINBV00200-8.5-InterTest-Batch