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How to Provide Clarity MSSQL DB backup data


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How to send the Clarity SQL Server Database dump to Broadcom, step by step instruction


MS SQL SERVER (MSSQL)  with Clarity Application


Please send the latest copy of the MS SQL SERVER dataset for analysis, follow the steps below: 

1. Make a backup (.BAK) file of the Clarity database.

  • Do not detach the database and send the raw MDF and LDF files as the database will need to be taken offline and disrupts users. The backup method is simpler and faster.
  • Log into the server management console to use the backup feature or use the command:
    BACKUP DATABASE <dbname> TO DISK = '<path and filename>.bak'

2. WinZip or Gunzip to compress the database .bak file. Ensure the file is zipped before any transfer to avoid binary file corruption

3. Upload the zip file to the Support case

4. Provide the exact version and any service pack of your Microsoft SQL Server database software.

Note: If the database size is considerably large, e.g 350 GB+, please have the DBA team perform the following:

  • Shrink/truncate the .LDF log file
  • Make the backup
  • Use Winzip to compress it into several 2-5 GB files to break the zip file into parts (which will likely contain approximately 20-50 GB per BAK file.
  • This is to prevent the need to perform a complete restart of the process to upload the files, due to a disruption.