Slow authentication to Policy Manager vs 9.2
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Slow authentication to Policy Manager vs 9.2


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CA API Gateway


We are currently in the process of deploying version 10 of API Gateway and we have noticed there is about a 5-10 second delay when we try to login to the appliance through the Policy Manager versus the login to 9.2.

We have confirmed it's not related to the network because ping results are the same to both appliances and we have tested through different regions and all experience the same issue.  Is there a reason for this?


API Gateway: 10.0


The delay could be due to all the changes/updates between GW9.2 and GW10. With changes/updates to existing assertions, the addition of new CWPs, a different database (MySQL 5.7 vs 8.0), it's not unreasonable for a slightly longer login time.